Monday, February 1, 2010

Komodo Island

Indonesia is a country rich with resources and natural beauty. One of these is Komodo Island. Komodo Island is located in the Nusa Tenggara archipelago. The island is also the Komodo National Park is managed by the central government. Komodo Island to the west of Sumbawa Island, separated by Sape Strait. Judging from his name already is known that this island is the habitat of the Komodo dragon.

Most of the komodo national park is savanna with palm trees (Borassus flabellifer) the most dominant and distinctive. Some plants in the Komodo National Park include rattan (Calamus sp.), Bamboo (Bambusa sp.), Acid (Tamarindus indica), bulging (Sterculia foetida), lote (Ziziphus jujuba), and mangrove (Rhizophora sp.) Komodo addition, there are deer (Cervus timorensis floresiensis), wild boar (Sus scrofa), ajag (Cuon alpinus javanicus), wild horse (Equus qaballus), wild buffalo (Bubalus bubalis); 2 types of turtles, 10 species of dolphins, 6 types of whales and mermaids are often seen in the waters of the sea Komodo National Park. The potential of marine life in this national park as many as 259 recorded species of coral and 1,000 species of fish such as barracuda, marlin, yellow tail, red snapper, baronang, and others.

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